High-Test Ag fertility solutions

In addition to our superior liquid humic and fulvic product lines, High-Test Ag also offers a variety of high-quality micronutrients and custom-mixed fertilizers. High-Test Ag micronutrients are available for soil and foliar application for dry and water soluble broadcast.

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Benny’s Professional Fertilizer

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High Test Ag offers a wide variety of Liquid and Dry Micronutrient products.

– Manganese Sulfate
– Sodium Borate
– Zinc Sulfate
– Copper Sulfate
– Ferrous Sulfate
– Boron Granular
– 9% EDTA Zinc
– 6% EDTA Manganese
– 10% Boron (Boric Acid)
– 7.5% EDTA Copper
– 4.5% HEDTA Iron Chelate
– Elemental Sulfur
– Various Crop Specific Micronutrient Blends
– Granular and Powdered Humate
– Granular Microbe/Sea-kelp/Humate Blend