Liquid Concentrate

Microscopic fulvic acid molecules that make a huge difference

1000+ year old fulvic acids and pure artisan water are used to make High-Test Ag’s Fulvic-HT. This powerful aid for plant health is ideal for use in conjunction with regular foliar feeding as well as herbicide, fungicide and pesticide applications.

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Superior penetration, See results quickly

Fulvic acid is a small compound that easily penetrates the cells of plants. It acts as a natural chelating agent binding to nutrients to create fulvic acid rich complexes. These complexes are then readily absorbed by the plant's leaves effectively increasing the plant's uptake of nutrients. It also helps plants absorb needed nutrients that are otherwise inaccessible.

Fast acting Fulvic-HT begins working at application and continues to provide plants needed nutrients for improved growth. Fulvic-HT offers a natural, cost-effective solution for increasing yield and reducing plant stressors for virtually any crop.