Will Humic HT clog filters and stain tanks?

Our humic acid won’t clog filters or stain tanks. When mixing with fungicides/insecticides, a jar mix is always necessary.

When do I apply humates?

We recommend that anytime you apply NPK or Micros, you need to have some form of humate in the mix. This will help ensure you get the most out of your fertilizer dollars. Humates can hold all three forms of nitrogen: ammonium, nitrite and nitrate, the same way sulfur can hold the ammonium form of nitrogen.

Will Humic HT make my fruit tastier?

Yes, when we increase nutrient mobilization in the soil and in the plant, we often see an increase in plant health and quality. With these two traits often comes better tasting fruit and a better quality product.

Will I notice a difference in the appearance of the crop when using humic or fulvic?

Humic and fulvic work best when applied with correct amounts of nutrients. Better stress tolerance is often observed in crops that have had humates applied. This is contingent upon general soil health and timing of applications.

Will I gain yield the first year I use humic or fulvic?

In partnership with a balanced fertility program, you will notice increases in tissue analysis as well as increases in plant health and yield.

Are there any possible plant side effects?

There are no possible plant side effects, however, if you over apply humic you could over activate enzymes and hormones which can result in yield reduction. It is recommended that no more than 10 gallons per acre are applied at once. Timely intervals are preferred.

Why should I use humates?

With modern farming practices, we are losing stable humus at rates faster than it can be maintained. Soils that do not have stable humus resemble soils that are less productive and may even be unable to produce a crop. By using humates to enhance soil structure you will begin to see a soil that is more friable and allows water and nutrients to move through it with greater ease. These, and many other effects, will make the land overall easier to farm and easier to produce high-quality plants.

Can I incorporate Humic HT into my current program?

Yes, Humic HT readily mixes with fertilizers and mixtures. This allows for easy application in-furrow, side-dress and over-the-top applications.