Overview of Fulvic Acids

Fulvic Acids - High-Test Ag | Ideal for Foliar Spray ApplicationFulvic acids are a mixture of weak chains and rings of organic acid. They are extremely smaller molecules of humic acids, which are created by the decomposition of organic plant materials. The dramatically smaller size of the fulvic acid molecules makes them ideal for foliar spray application.

These smaller fulvic molecules are able to easily penetrate leaves and cell mitochondria to deliver minerals and nutrients to enhance plant growth. It is also an effective root drench solution.

Fulvic acids positively affect growth and development of crops by increasing extraction of macro and micro-nutrients, as well as increasing membrane permeability, on a biochemical level.

Research Studies

Fulvic acids’ benefits for plant health include:

  • Enhances micro-nutrient absorption into the plant
  • Enhances any foliar spray
  • Makes herbicides and fungicides penetrate the leaves of the plant more efficiently
  • Boosts cation exchange capacity
  • Stimulates plant metabolism
  • Positive effect on plant DNA and RNA
  • Increases enzyme activity
  • Acts as catalyst in plant respiration
  • Enhances permeability of cell members
  • Enhances cell division and cell elongation
  • Aids Chlorophyll synthesis
  • Increases drought tolerance and prevents wilting
  • Restores electrochemical balance
  • Detoxifies various pollutants